What is T.R.I.P.?

What is TRIP?

Ireton Christian School purchases gift certificates from a national broker and local businesses in bulk amounts at a discount, and then resells those certificates to families at face value.  The “profit” earned is used to reduce tuition costs for the individual families that purchased the certificates, while a percentage is kept by the organization as a fee for running the program.  Anything above this is given to the General Fund.  It is the opportunity to reduce tuition that piques interest and increases participation in the gift certificate fund-raising program.  Let your spending habits work for you at no extra cost!

Who can participate?

Whether you are a current ICS or UCHS family, a future family, a grandparent, or an ICS supporter, you can participate in this great opportunity to save money!  ICS and UCHS parents receive the immediate benefit from this program while future parent planning to send their child(ren) to ICS or UCHS can begin building up a fund.  The future monies earned are held by the TRIP office and will be credited as a tuition payment when their child is enrolled in ICS or UCHS.  Grandparents, friends, and supporters of ICS or UCHS can direct their credit towards one or two families of their choice, or to the ICS General Fund.

Registration Forms

A registration form needs to be filled out by all participants.  The disclaimer section information is needed only if you allow your child to pick up your certificates.  There is a one-time $5 registration fee.

How do I get started?

When you are ready to place your first order, simply complete and return the registration form along with your first order.  Please include the one-time registration fee.  Your order cannot be processed without your registration fee.

Thank you for taking the time to acquaint yourself with the details concerning the ICS TRIP Program.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns pertaining to TRIP, please direct them to the TRIP coordinator.

On behalf of Ireton Christian School, we look forward to serving you through this self-help tuition-reduction method.  Let your spending habits work for you at no extra cost!

Donna Koopmans or Nicki Weida 
TRIP Coordinators
Ireton Christian School