School Information

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Ireton Christian School is to develop knowledge and understanding in each of God’s children so they can effectively relate to God, to others, and to creation.


The school is incorporated and operated by a society of parents and supporters.  The society elects a board of nine members to      establish policies, maintain the facilities, and handle the finances.  The board hires an administrator to carry out its’ policies and direct the day-to-day activities.

The school is a member of Christian Schools International.

Benefits for Students

  • Excellent student-teacher ratio.
  • Demonstrated high scholastic composite scores on Iowa Test of Basic Skills.
  • Technology integrated into curriculum.
  • Strong parental involvement in school affairs.
  • Excellent preparation for high school and college curriculums.


  • Classes available for pre-school through grade 8.
  • Students attend from a 40 mile geographic radius, representing different denominations and congregations.


  • Requirements
    • A personal commitment to Christ
    • A Reformed perspective on Christian Education
    • A love for children
    • A valid teaching certificated
  • Committed, dedicated teaching staff with demonstrated proficiency.
  • Staff includes full and part-time teachers, librarian, counselor, aide, cooks, janitors, and bus drivers.


  • Developed by the staff to reflect a Christian perspective in all areas.
  • Uses a variety of Christian and secular textbooks.
  • Approved by the State of Iowa.


  • The school utilizes multi-media computers to facilitate learning at all levels.
  • Students (K-8) have learning opportunities in both individual and group settings.

Extra-Curricular Programs

  • Atheltics
    • Grade 5 – 8
    • Soccer, volleyball, basketball, track, and softball
  • Music
    • Choir (grade 5 – 8)
    • Band (grades 5 – 8)
    • Musicals and programs (grades K – 8)
  • Art
    • Grades 3 – 8


  • Transportation provided by the School’s buses and available to all students.

Interscholastic Program with N.W. Iowa Christian Schools

  • Vocal, instrument, choir, art, piano, speech
  • Athletics (see previous)

State Services

  • Area IV Education Agency provides a broad range of services.
    • Media
    • Reference materials
    • Consultations with curriculum specialists
    • Speech therapy
    • Academic testing available if needed or desired

Hot Lunch Program

  • Delicious, nutritionally-balanced meals provided daily.
  • Free or reduced price meals available if the family qualifies.

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