T.R.I.P. Policies & Procedures

Policies of Ireton Christian School
Tuition Reduction Incentive Program – TRIP

The TRIP program is open to ICS current families, ICS future families, grandparents, or supporters of ICS.  It is also available to families at UCHS after their child(ren) have graduated from ICS.

Each participating family must complete a registration form and pay a one-time $5 registration fee to begin the program.

Family and friends may help you with your tuition by ordering certificates on your order form or by setting up their own account.  If setting up their own account, they must meet the requirements in #2.

Under the TRIP program, 90% of the certificate discounts earned will be applied to your family tuition account and 10% will go back into the TRIP account to help cover expenses incurred with running the TRIP program (envelopes, printing costs, postage, etc.)

The percentage or credit earned in each current family account will be held by the TRIP program and credited toward your tuition account.  Monies earned can be divided between 1-2 families.  The monies earned by a future family account will be held by the program and credited to your tuition account starting when their child is enrolled in Kindergarten.

If your child(ren) will no longer attend ICS for whatever reason, the monies held under your account can be:

  • Credited to your outstanding tuition balance
  • Credited to another families tuition of your choosing
  • Credited to your tuition account at UCHS if your child has graduated from ICS … if a written notice is received within 60 days of the time the child(ren) leaves the school.  Otherwise, it will be transferred to the TRIP program.

All certificate order for your account must be in ONE envelope and all checks in the envelope must be made payable to ICS TRIP.  These checks are non-tax deductible because you receive dollar for dollar value. We reserve the right to change any incorrect dollar amount increments or issue a credit slip.

All completed order forms are due by the deadline in the designated TRIP box in the office.  NO late orders will be processed, but will be held over to the next order date.

These gift certificates are just like cash.  Once your order is picked up by you or your child, ICS not the TRIP coordinator or program are responsible for any lost, stolen, or misplaced certificates.

Anyone writing a N.S.F. (insufficient funds) check will incur a fee of $10.00 to be paid to the program.  After two N.S.F. checks are tendered on your TRIP account, only money orders, cashiers checks, or cash will be accepted for payment.  No further personal checks will be accepted for purchase or certificates.

Procedures for ICS TRIP Program


  • A registration form must be filled out, a $5 registration fee must be paid.


All orders must be in by 8:45 AM on order dates. The completed orders will be sent home with your child either on the Friday or Monday following the order date, depending when the orders come in.  Keep in mind that the more regular you are with certificate purchases, the more money you save!

Only ONE order form per family can be processed.  Friends and relative’s orders may be included in your order and your account will be credited.  You are responsible for the distribution of all certificates.  It is your responsibility to inform them how to use the certificates properly, and of any changes and updates that may occur.  Another option is to have friends and relatives set up their own account and still have the credit forwarded to you.  Orders must be brought to school in a sealed envelope and put in the TRIP box located in the school office.

All orders must be paid in full before they will be processed.  Please make checks payable to ICS TRIP.  Checks will be deposited on Tuesdays.  Incorrect addition totals will be adjusted as necessary.

A new order form will be attached to your filled order; please use the new form for your next order.  Orders must be on a TRIP order form and not a little piece of paper.  This prevents the possibility of an order getting lost.

Certificate Redemption and Change Policy Sheet:

For the most part, certificates can be used just like cash or check at participating stores.  Please refer to each certificate ordered to see if an expiration date has been issued.  Some certificates are issued as paper certificates and can be used just like cash or check.  Some merchants offer debit cards as certificates and are listed appropriately on the master retailers list.  Debit cards will carry a remaining balance.  Suggestion for a partially used debit card – wrap the receipt showing the remaining balance around the debit card for easy reference.

Please review the master retailer list to learn about each store’s certificate policy!  To ensure this program continues in the future for ICS, you are asked NOT to abuse the use of the certificates.  When using paper certificates, make your purchases as close to the dollar amount as possible.  Remember participating merchants are doing us a favor by their involvement.  Do not expect change when using any store certificate.

Note that charge accounts at Kohl’s can be paid with certificates.  You must pay the account in person at the appropriate store.  (Doing this at the customer service section of each store works best.)  Certificates are considered like cash and cannot be mailed.

Earned Credit

The TRIP program will hold current family credit earned until May.  Future family credit will be forwarded in full to their tuition account in the May after their child enrolls at ICS.  If the full TRIP balance is over the cost of one year’s worth of tuition, a credit balance will be held on your ICS tuition account.

Merchant Information

Merchants may choose to change credit percentages at their own discretion.  The TRIP office will notify you as soon as possible of any change or updates.  The merchant percentage given is listed behind the store name on the TRIP order form.

If you mail certificates to friends or relatives, keep in mind that you are ending cash through the mail.

Miscellaneous Information

Some certificates will be available as a cash/carry basis.  To see what is available, contact the TRIP coordinator.

TRIP is not considered a taxable donation.

To keep well informed of any changes to this program, including new store additions, ordering schedules, etc., watch the weekly Home Bulletin or check online.