T.R.I.P. Order Dates

September 13

October 11

November 8

November 29

December 13

School Year Order Dates

Orders need to be in the TRIP box in the school office or given to Donna Koopmans by 8:30 AM on order dates in your family envelope.

No late orders will be taken. Do not fax or call orders to my house – money needs to accompany orders or they will not be processed. Please try to remind your child to bring the order to their teacher or the office right away when they get to school, so that orders will not be forgotten or late.

Summer Order Dates

Summer orders date orders need to be put in Donna Koopmans’ (Ireton CRC) church mailbox by 6:00 PM the Sunday night before or if you mail them (2324 480th St, Ireton 51027). Make sure to mail early enough that they would make it by the Friday before.  The first day of school, August 23, orders can be brought to school by 8:30 that morning.  The June and July orders will be put in Donna’s church mailbox (if you do not attend Ireton CRC) by the following Friday afternoon for pickup. Do not bring or mail trip orders to school as nothing will be picked up from there.