March 11, 2015


Year’s Theme: HAVE NO FEAR!

March’s Theme: Pray without Fear

Memory Verse: Philippians 4:6-7





THURSDAY, March 12 – Chicken nugget, corn, mashed potatoes, roll, pears

FRIDAY, March 13 – Pulled pork, French fries, baked beans, mixedfruit

MONDAY, March 16 – Scalloped potatoes & ham, green beans, bread,


TUESDAY, March 17 – Chicken bacon sandwich, black beans & corn, chips,


WEDNESDAY, March 18 – Tavern, baked beans, carrots, banana



SCHOOL DIRECTORY UPDATE: Please update your School Handbook/Directory with the following information:

     Megan Kooima new phone number 712-463-2643







THURSDAY, March 12 – 3rd – 8th Graders attending NAIA in Sioux City 8:30

FRIDAY, March 13 – Dismiss at 11:30 (End of 3rd Quarter)

MONDAY, March 16 – TRIP Order 8:30 deadline

TUESDAY, March 17 – 5th-8th attend Unity’s “Anne of Green Gables” 12:00

-SIAC Meeting 5 PM

FRIDAY, March 20 – Grandparent’s Day

Dismiss at 12:30


(please find alternate transportation for students going home)

SATURDAY, March 21 – Make-N-Take Fundraiser (more info coming soon)

MONDAY, March 23 –Soccer Practice Begins

-KOK Hearing Test

-100th Anniversary Meeting 5 PM

TUESDAY, March 24 – Hearing Test

-8th Grade Day at Unity (9:00 – 12:30)

THURSDAY, March 26 – Kindergarten Roundup

FRIDAY, March 27 – Sioux County Soil & Water Conservation Posters due

         Theme: “Local Heroes – Your Hardworking Pollinators” – Great prizes for this!

SATURDAY, March 28 – ICS Bluegrass Gospel Concert at BJ Haan Auditorium

THURSDAY, April 9 – All School Skating at Roller Roulette in Sheldon

6:30 – 8:30 PM (bus leaves school at 5:30 $1.00/person)





Attached to this note is the Worklist for the Bluegrass Gospel Concert on Saturday, March 28.

Please look it over and see when you are schedule to work. You are responsible for finding your own replacement if you are unable to be there.




Attached to this note is the information on the

Make N’ Take Fundraiser on Saturday, March 21.

Come for fun, donuts and coffee and leave with something you made all by yourself. Deadline to sign up is March 18.




March 11 – Pinewood Derby (Weigh-in 6:30, Race 7:00)

March 15 – Cadet Sunday at Ireton CRC 6:00 PM

March 25 – Justice-For-All in Rock Valley (NOTE DATE CHANGE)

(Meet at school at 6:00, JFA at 6:30)

               April 1 – Cadet-O-Rama in Rock Valley (more info coming)

               April 8 – Pancake Supper




More Beef!!We have a little bit of beef left to sell.

If you are interested, please stop at school to check it out. Thanks!

  Beef Roast (3-4 lbs) $9.00 (4)

  T-Bone Steak (3/pkg) $6.00 (12)                                  NOT MUCH LEFT,

 Beef Ribs (3/pkg)   $5.00 (6)                                            GOING FAST!

 Soup Bone $6.00 (4)





Upcoming Order Dates: March 16, April 7 (Tuesday), April 27, May 18.

TRIP will be available in the office on Monday 8:15-2:00, Wednesday 8:15-3:00, and Friday 8:15-2:00.






BAND PRACTICE: (Wednesdays)

Beginner Band – practice as a group 12:10-1:00

Concert Band – practice as a group 1:30 – 2:10

Students, please be prepared for group lessons




New Items discussed at Auxiliary Meeting

  • Auxiliary closet: The closet in the All Purpose room mostly has Hot lunch supplies for the school.       There are only 2 tubs on the floor along the south wall that have Auxiliary supplies. If you are chairperson of an event that needs paper supplies, you must purchase the supplies you need and turn in receipts to the Auxiliary Treasurer to be reimbursed for them. Please do not use stuff out of the closet.
  • Prizes for kids: It was discussed and decided that any fundraiser event that is held by the Auxiliary that gives prizes to the winner is only allowed to spend $5 per fundraiser for the winner. It is up to the chairperson what they get the winner for the prize (candy bar, pop, gift card, etc.).
  • If you have any questions, please contact an Auxiliary Officer.