April 11, 2018


THURSDAY, April 12 – Scalloped potatoes & ham, bread, peas, mixed fruit

FRIDAY, April 13 – Tavern, roll, sweet potato fries, baked beans,

mandarin oranges

MONDAY, April 16 – Weiner wrap, tater tots, carrots, peaches

TUESDAY, April 17 – Egg bake, hash browns, muffin, tomato, orange juice

WEDNESDAY, April 18– Hamburger, roll, broccoli, mixed fruit




THURSDAY, April 12 – Soccer game at Sheldon Christian  4:00 PM

                          (Drivers:  J. Dekkers, Van Beek, Noteboom, Miedema, Liston)

FRIDAY, April 13 – 6th Grade Math Bee  8:30 – 1:00 PM

  • All School Chapel (Wear Chapel Shirts)
  • Board/Staff Party (bowling & Food) 6:15 PM

TUESDAY, April 17 – Soccer game at Sioux Center Christian  4:00 PM

                                  (Drivers:  Pullman, Kuperus, Weida, Fedders, Noyes)

WEDNESDAY, April 18 – Unity Track Meet  (Grades 6-8)  1-4 PM

(bus will bring kids, but parents will need to

 pick up their child after meet is completed)

THURSDAY, April 19 – KOK to Pizza Ranch & Driessen Eye Center


FRIDAY, April 20 – Science Fair/Spring Concert/Art Show (Grades 3-8)  7 PM

APRIL 23 – 27 – Teacher Appreciation Week

MONDAY, April 23 – Soccer game vs OCCS (home)  4:00 PM  (2 games)

TUESDAY, April 24 – Interscholastic Vocal Ensemble

THURSDAY, April 26 – Soccer game vs Hull Christian (home)  4:00 PM

SUNDAY, April 29Jr. High singing at Ireton CRC  9:30 AM

MONDAY, April 30 – Soccer game at Rock Valley Christian  4:00 PM

                 (Drivers:  J. Dekkers, Bonnema, Fedders, Zomermaand, Kuperus)

WEDNESDAY, May 2 – Western Christian Track Meet (Grades 6-8)  1-5

(bus will bring kids, but parents will need to

 pick up their child after meet is completed)

THURSDAY, May 3 – Jr. High Des Moines Trip (leave at 3:45 AM)

MONDAY, May 7 – Ag Day at Unity (Grades 1-4) (afternoon)

– Outdoor Classroom at Oak Grove (Grades 5-6)  9:00 – 3:00 PM

               (NEED A SACK LUNCH)

– Auxiliary Meeting  7:00 PM                        Hostess:  Tami Noteboom

TUESDAY, May 8 – Softball Tournament at Rock Valley

(7th & 8th Grade)  (leave at 11:40)

WEDNESDAY, May 9 – Soccer game at Hull Protestant  4:00 PM

(Make up game from April)

                       (Drivers:  Pullman, Abbas, Weida, Zomermaand, Kuperus)

THURSDAY, May 10 – Mother’s Day Tea (K-2nd Grade)  2:30 PM

-Soccer game vs Inwood Christian (home)  4:00 PM

MONDAY, May 14 – Soccer game at Sanborn Christian  4:00 PM

                       (Drivers:  J. Dekkers, Van Beek, Abbas, Miedema, Noteboom)

WEDNESDAY, May 16Dordt Track Meet (Grades 5-8)  12:00 – 5:00

(bus will bring kids, but parents will need to

 pick up their child after meet is completed)

THURSDAY, May 17 – Field Trip to Sioux Falls (Kind. – 2nd Grade)

-7th Grade Field Trip                        -8th Grade Field Trip

JUNE 1 & 2 Sioux Center Celebration Fundraiser (more info will come later)





We overlooked our Parent Teacher Conferences in November (6 hours) that we may count towards our total school hours.  So, no makeup time will be needed yet.



It’s time again to show our teachers and staff here at ICS and KOK how much we appreciate what they do for our kids through-out the year. Teacher appreciation week will be April 23-27.

Instead of having to bring specific things on each day, this year we are going to let you decide what you would like to bring each day. We are hoping this way the teachers will receive a variety of different items to encourage them each day that week. The following are just ideas for you to use to show your appreciation: Thank-you Note, Drink/Beverage Day, Fruit Day, Baked Good/Goodie Day,  Your Choice-be creative Day.

Let’s show our staff and teachers here at ICS how much we appreciate and value their influence and impact in our children’s day to day life. Thank you! Questions please contact Bryan or Mandy Bonnema.


Student Safety/Lock Down Training

Wednesday, May 9 from 12:30 – 3:30, Waylon Pollema will be coming to do safety/lock down training with individual classrooms.  Parents are welcome to come and observe also.  If you have more questions, please contact school.

Our board is also looking at a security system being installed at our doors, especially the main entrance.  Thanks, Mr. Schoonhoven



West Route Bus Schedule for April 16-20

Monday – Friday AM/PM:  Randy Van Wyhe

West Route Bus Schedule for April 23-30

Monday – Friday AM:  Randy Van Wyhe

    Monday – Friday PM:  Marlin Schoonhoven




CONGRATULATIONS to all the students for reaching 4,800 AR points so far this school year!!



Upcoming order dates are: May 7.

TRIP Order form can be printed off the school website if you need one.

Orders need to be in the TRIP box in the school office or given to Donna Koopmans by 8:30 AM on order dates in your family envelopeNo late orders will be taken. Do not fax or call orders to my house – money needs to accompany orders or they will not be processed. Please try to remind your child to bring the order to their teacher or the office right away when they get to school, so that orders will not be forgotten or late.


Jr. High Des Moines Trip

Jr. High Des Moines Trip is quickly approaching (Thursday, May 3). 

Please have your Jr. high students bring in their $40 to the school office.  This will cover transportation cost, entrance fees, breakfast, snacks, supper, and driver cost.  They will need to bring their own money if they want to purchase souvenirs or other food items.  We encourage each student to take a couple snacks and an extra drink.  And, also bring warm clothing and an umbrella.